Basic Science & Humanities Department


The  Department of Basic Science & Humanities exists with qualified and experienced faculty members who know the nuances of teaching the subjects which are used as a communicative tool.   In addition we have a full fledged Language lab fully equipped and spacious laboratories with all necessary training modules to develop the communicative skills of the students.  Besides, we conduct group discussions, seminars and many interactive activities to enrich their linguistic skills.

Greetings ! Language is the connection of souls and it is the tool with which people communicate. We focus on education that is insightful, inspiring, enjoyable and participative. We emphasize on lesson plans that provide not only education but also true insight into the subject. We believe in participative learning that motivates the students to come out with interest and curiosity irrespective of their being a  visual, auditory or kinesthetic learners.



Name Dr M.Balaji
Qualification M.A(Eng),M.A(Psy),PGDPC,M.Phil,Ph.D
Specialization English & Pyschology
Experience 20 Years


About HOD:

Dr Mutyala Balaji , Professor and Head of the Department of Basic Sciences and Humanities. having 20 years of teaching experience, He has been graduated M.A(Eng) from A.U., M.A (Psych) from A.U., P.G.D.P.C ( Post graduate Diploma In Psychological Counsellor)from I.P.M.S., M.Phil from M .K .U and submitted his Ph.D thesis , A.U. He has secured 3rd Rank in AURCET. He was awarded “Dynamic Young Person award -2018 “by Junior Chamber International.

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