WELCOME TO Entrepreneurship Innovation and Startup Cell(EISC)


    "To create an ecosystem in the campus which offers every

    student a chance to be innovative, creative and tactical to

    pursue his or her dreams and gain economic, technical and

    entrepreneurial expertise in their chosen field, thus realizing

    the vision of the collegeis to make every man a success and

    no man a failure"


  • To focus on the three thrust areas - Innovation / Entrepreneurship / outreach programmes.

  • Incorporate the passion and spirit among students to pursue entrepreneurship.

  • To equip students about entrepreneurship through workshops and trainings.

  • Motivate and support students to develop their own start-ups

  • Identifying the brightest ideas and giving them support convert them into successful ventures.

About EISC Director

Dr. B. SRINIVASA RAO, B.Tech, M.Tech (NITC), PhD(AU)

EISC Director

e-mail: eisc@vietvsp.com

Phone: +91 08912892915

Assistant EISC Director


Assistant EISC Director

e-mail: asst.eisc@vietvsp.com

Phone: +91 08912892915