Principal's Profile

Principal's Profile

Dr.Y.Prasanna Kumar is renowned Professor of Mechanical Engineering.

He has 15 years of experience in academics as well as admistration.he participated actively in several conferences and workshops and contributed papers to national and international journals for his credit.The very special focus area of his effort are giving career guidance and motivating students.He Believes that Education can only uplift Society by enlighting people through all around development .He is constant source of inspriration. He is an outstanding personality with a vision to make our college one amount the top most institution in the City of Destiny .He is also one of the key personality and takes utmost care in development in all the aspects of the institution .


Principal Message

We are constantly reviewing our set up to update and improve while making sure that students gain thinking skills, analytical frameworks, interpersonal and communication skills which will be advantageous to them in the future. We also ensure to provide students with a supportive and welcoming environment in which they will be encouraged to develop themselves personally and professionally. We prepare students for a bright and positive future in the world of work or of further study.


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